• "Do everything with love, that is the secret of the high standards and excellence that caracterize the processes of McDonald's University Brazil. Teachers, leaders, students and of course University staff are the foundation that makes the magic happen. Thank you for all that you give in order to show all of the actions that the M factor, undertakes which passion, commitment, challenge, joy and energy."

    Hector Orozco
    Director Operation Colombia and Ex-Rector HU

  • "Hello, my name is Alan Weber. I am a business manager of the local VIR in Rosario, Argentina. I participated in the Business Leadership Practices Course (BLP) in 2015 at Hamburger University. It was an extraornidary experience. I love getting to know the University and having the opportunity to participate in such an eyeopening course. I shared know-how and experiences with colleagues from all over the country, as well as with staff from McDonald's Brazil."

    Alan Weber
    Business Manager in Argentina

  • "Since my first basic management course in 1994 until my recent role as a coach in the courses for new consultants, HU has always had a key role in my development as a second-generation Franchisee. It is a true factory of knowledge where we can, above all, share the best practices of our business and the end result which are increasingly more solid QSL indexes. Thanks HU!"

    Peter Wetzlar

  • "McDonald's University is our main training center, and it represents a strategy to manage organizational learning, aligning it with the business objectives to transform what has been learned into results. We want McDonald's University, to reach all our people in all markets, through innovation in educational technology, partnerships with renowned educational institutions and distance-learning programs."

    Nicolas Uribe
    Director Corporativo de EA+D Arcos Dorados

  • "In addition to the professional improvement, HU delights me due to the fact the we can transfer knowledge and also for the constant learning that we get from exchanging experiences. Experiencing these moments motivates me and makes me better."

    Aline Anastacio
    Operations Consultant Brazil

  • "Being part of the HU's team is very enriching. Being in the backstage of the courses, interacting with the various audiences and still learning from the company's leaders makes the whole difference in my career."

    Elizangela Dantas
    Coordinator Corporate University

  • "Everybody who experiences HU is transformed by the greatness of this company and strengthens our traditions. The excellence is in everything we do, and when it comes to human development, our care is special. I am honored to be part of it."

    Ricardo Guedes
    Operation Manager Brazil

  • "Being able to lead distance-learning courses has been an enriching experience, brining the quality of HU course content to many markets simultaneously is a great responsibility that we assume with our work ethic, ensuring the development of our people at the right time."

    Luisa Rivero
    Director of EA+D Caribbean Division

  • "It's amazing how much the company is able to delight us every day. Attending a course at HU, having the mind enriched with knowledge and development makes me a more passionate professional toward this company and what I do."

    Claudemir Ferreira
    Restaurant Manager Brazil

  • "Being a student and then a facilitator at McDonald's University entails much responsibility and preparation, but for me it is the perfect experience, doing what i like most: "learning", by applying a talent: "teaching". And when taste and talent combine with the variety nationalities of participants, a major challenge is created, being able to convey the best of me for individual development and, without a doubt, for the advancement of the company."

    Verónica Espinosa
    Human Resources Manager México

  • "Participating in HU as facilitator has given me the chance to learn constantly and to do one of the things that I like most: sharing my experience."

    Deylein Figueroa
    Manager of Operation in Colombia