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Difficult conversations:

It always happens that we have conversations that make us feel nervous, insecure or make us doubt how to carry them out. These are the so-called difficult conversations. In this course, you will learn how to handle and obtain the best results from them.


Big Data and the Internet Of Things:

The meeting of these two concepts indicates the future of business and technology, evolving towards a more connected daily life and based on valuable, accurate and immediate information. Master these concepts and be part of the 4.0 revolution.


Moonshot Thinking: Google’s approach to innovation

It is a way of innovating totally connected with the mindset of exponential transformations and technological changes. In this course, you will learn about the pillars of this methodology and how to apply them in your everyday life.



The profile of an entrepreneur is that of a person who is constantly in search of innovative business models and increased results. Discover in this course how to develop an entrepreneurial vision within the company and bring new results and solutions.