What if you could grow professionally in the time available between meetings, or even during breaks?

Hamburger University presents the topics you need most in a friendly format and in the appropriate measure: in the Agile Learning section, in the MCampus, you will find e-learning courses like you have never seen before.

Each course uses an interactive, agile and simple method to provide you with more insight into the main topics that will make a difference in your professional career.

Learn about the topics that are already available in MCampus:

Digital Mindset: be the professional that the market needs.
This course will allow you to understand the impact of new technologies on the market, how to prepare to operate in this context and develop the digital mindset to be the professional that the company needs.

Consumer experience: it generates value for your brand.
This course will allow you to understand how the new “experience economy” works and how to serve these new customers who want to be constantly surprised.

Sapiência Video Library – Emotional Intelligence
At the video library on emotional intelligence, journalist and consultant Vânia Bueno presents the importance of developing emotional intelligence as a way to improve your professional development and social skills.

In 2019 we will launch 11 more topics. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to grow professionally!