Facilitated by consultants Limaris Ortiz and Jhonny Alcantara, the Practices for Business Leaders course has completed its 150th edition.

Targeted to Business Managers, McDonald’s University had the opportunity to enhance the personal and professional knowledge of yet another 17 Restaurant Managers.

Taking on a management position is something encouraging and challenging, whether it is for 12 months or 12 years. There’s always something new to learn to help our business grow.

This course was designed to do just that: give our managers the skills and critical information needed to achieve better results, developing competencies such as strategic thinking, promoting high-performance teams and effective communication, preparing them to lead people, and ultimately improving the restaurant’s performance.

The topics covered during the course week were quite dynamic and challenging. Check out the photos:


Congratulations to all, the course was amazing. McDonald’s University is proud to be part of our leader training process.