What else can I do? 

This is the question that 31 restaurant managers asked during the Practices for Business Leaders Course.

Jacqueline Vinseiro and Sergio Arteaga, had the pleasure of facilitating the class and the challenge to prepare the participants to lead people and hence improve performance at their restaurants. Providing the tools required to create strategic business plans, the idea is to prepare them for the appropriate use of resources, understanding the impact of their decisions and of communication that helps them achieve goals.

The participants must develop certain skills by the end of the course, such as:

  • Effective Communication
  • Innovation and Change
  • Result Focus
  • Customer Focus
  • Strategic Thinking

Making it happen, finding solutions, assuming and recognizing reality, are skills that a restaurant manager should have in order to make a positive impact on the results.

McDonald’s University thanks everyone for participating. It was surely a job well done.

Check out the photos of the week: