Hamburger University dedicates this message to the extraordinary team of facilitators

For another year we have provided unique learning experiences, delightful moments and a welcoming environment in which you, our facilitators, inspire many leaders to be the best version of themselves.

You bring our values ​​to life and are examples of our pillars of culture through everything you do!

With each training, we celebrate together the inspiring leadership, caring, and respect that drives careers, taking people as far as they want to go.

We thank you all for your dedication, joy, performance and delivery to our leaders this year. And firsthand, let’s congratulate and recognize the facilitators best rated by participants:

  • Claudio Moura (Operations Manager – Brazil Division)
  • Jorge Victor Parreira (Operations Consultant – Brazil Division)
  • Kelly Cristina (Operations Consultant – Brazil Division)
  • Lorena Garin (Training Consultant – SLAD Division)
  • Marcelo Paulino (Operations Consultant – Brazil Division)
  • Nelly Bustillos (Training Consultant – NOLAD Division)
  • Ricardo Morales (Training Consultant – NOLAD Division)
  • Santiago Quaine (Corporate Head of Franchises)

To be a facilitator at Hamburger University is to have the opportunity to expand performance on a journey full of discoveries, exchanges of experiences and achievements.

Undoubtedly, everyone left their mark, spread and created good times.

We wish a 2020 full of achievements and many smiles. Together we continue transforming the McDonald’s brand! A big hug,

Hamburger university

A University made with you!