We are proud to share that Hamburger University was recognized with the “Best Corporate University” GOLD Award in the “Impact on Business” category, by the Global Council of Corporative Universities, the highest authority in the business education sector.

For three days, Hamburger University hosted the Forum of Corporate Universities held for the first time in Latin America. This event brought together the leaders of the main business education institutions in the world. Experiences and projects were shared, workshops and debates were held, visits were carried out to the sponsoring institutions and awards were given for the best projects. Sergio Alonso, our CEO, was one of the featured speakers.

One of the main topics on the agenda this year was the use of artificial intelligence and big data in leadership and development projects at corporate universities and their impact on business.

Having hosted an event of this magnitude, along with the Santander Academy and Unibrad Bradesco is, without a doubt, an acknowledgment of the effort of the entire team that runs our Hamburger University.

Let’s celebrate this great achievement together!